For individual taxpayers interested in filing by the April 18th deadline, we require all your tax materials no later than March 20th. For partnerships and s-corporations, we will need your tax materials no later than Feb 20th in order to meet the March 15th deadline. 

For our returning clients, here are a few links to help you get started:

Step #1

*Fill out the TAX ORGANIZER:
You can download our tax organizer PDF here. All clients will have to complete this organizer, including the engagement letter,  in order for us to begin working on your taxes! If we are preparing a return for your small business and you use Quickbooks or other accounting software, please provide us with a back-up version of your Quickbooks, access to it online, or financial statements. 

* note - You should use a software program like Adobe or Preview to complete the organizer rather than completing it within your web browser. You can also print it out and complete it by hand.


Step #2

If you need to set up a web portal account, please email us and we can set it up for you. If you already have a portal account, you may upload your documents at any time! 



We have a secure drop-box located at 4815 NE 30th Ave Portland OR 97211. You may also mail you materials to this address.


Step #3

You can schedule an appointment with us here before we prepare your taxes or when your taxes ready to review and sign. Appointments are generally a good idea if you have never worked with us before or if you have important changes that you want to discuss with us. If you have nothing new to discuss, you can simply mail, or drop your tax documents off to us, or upload them to our secure web portal. It is usually best for us to meet in person to review and sign your tax return. However, if meeting in person is not possible, we can send you your tax return to sign and review. Between April 15th and September 1st, our online schedule is very limited. If you are unable to find a time to connect with us on the schedule, please email and we will do our best to find an agreeable meeting time and location.